Thank you for helping to support our North Congregational Church community!

Give directly

You can contribute directly to the church through the Paypal link below.


Contribute through shopping

Before shopping on Amazon.com, visit this page and click on one of the links below. We will get a portion of your purchase, at no extra cost to you. For more information, please see below.

Click any link below to go to Amazon.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does this cost me anything extra?

A. No. The price for the items you buy is the same whether you use links above or not. The only difference is the church is paid by Amazon for referrals through the link above.


Q. What are the benefits of shopping at Amazon?

A. Besides your purchase benefiting the church, you can buy almost anything on Amazon.com. The site also has a free shipping option.


Q. I’m not going to purchase anything right now. What do I do when I am going to purchase an item?

A. First, go to the church web site (or http://give.northcongregationalchurch.com). Click on any of the links above. Search for your item and buy it or add it to your cart.


Q. Is there a time limit to purchase items after clicking the link above?

A. As long as you keep your web browser open and stay on the Amazon web site, any purchases you make will help the church. After adding the item to your cart, you have up to 89 days to buy it for the church to get a portion of your purchase. If you are still shopping on Amazon.com 24 hours later, you would need to re-click on the link on this page.


Q. Can I bookmark this site to make it easier to get to?

A. Please do! Just make sure to bookmark THIS PAGE and not Amazon.com. We will not get any referral fees if you go directly to Amazon without clicking on this page first.


Q. Are any products excluded from this program?

A. Amazon has a short list of items that are excluded from referral payments, which is available here: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/help/operating/exclusions. The church also does not get a referral fee for any cancelled or returned orders.